The main objective in the development of IVEKRA Ltd is providing quality and reliable systems for automation and robotization of the processes in the paint and chemical industries.

Of course this doesn’t restrict the field of our interest – we have manufactured various types of non-standard machines and equipments for furniture companies, companies for production of cans and others.

We have gained an extensive experience in cooperation with leading Bulgarian companies – producers of paint and varnishes, workshops for packaging of oils, antifreeze, brake fluids and windshields washer fluids and others. All of our machines are tested and proven in practice.

The manufacturing skills and experience that we have are the basis of good results and effectively contribute to the high quality production of the following:

  • Automated lines for volumetric dosage fully based on pneumatic control and operation (suitable for hazardous environments)
  • Functional automatic volumetric filling lines with diving nozzles – suitable for foaming products of low viscosity from 0.1 to 5 liters
  • Automatic weight dosing filling lines with two filling heads with top-up fill – suitable for fluids of medium viscosity in packages from 1 to 18 liters
  • Labeling machines for wrap around labels and self adhesive labels
  • Reliable machines for sorting groups of packages in cartons or other packages
  • Highly effective compact volumetric and weight dispensers, filling heads and special filling nozzles in accordance with the characteristics of the products
  • Sorting devices, manipulators, palletizers and etc.
  • Machines for application of embossed stamp on cans for easy Braille identification of products
  • Automated rail platforms and transportation rail cars
  • Pneumatic control and operation of machines and equipment – suitable for hazardous environments
  • Design and manufacture of non-standard machines